Your Wish Is My Command

Just imagine one day you get up in your cozy bed and you see a shining bright light glowing from your windowpane. You notice a beautiful angel standing just beside you with a magic wand in her hand and asks, “what do you want my child?

Your wish could be a Euro Trip, 100 Million Dollars, or a dream job at Google and the Angel says:

Your wish is my command

Ever felt an angel’s breath in the soft breeze? A teardrop in the falling rain? Hear a whisper amongst the rustle of leaves? Wondering what it would be? An angel in disguise”, maybe? I tend to believe angels mend our hearts with the magical thread of love.

Every one of us has got one angel in our lives who can fulfill our wishes and desires. That angel is no other than the universe which made Thomas Edison invent the light bulbs, Wright brothers invent the airplane. They definitely must have spent countless hours of working day and night for it but it was only made possible because they wished for it, they wanted it to happen and they always had a strong belief in themselves that they are going to revolutionize the world by giving us tremendous inventions.

The desire and belief to achieve something is the magic spell which is known as the law of attraction. It is the only medium through which we can communicate with the universe.

Is it really simple?

Now you must be wondering that if the law of attraction is so simple then instead of living a life with enthusiasm, why most people are always complaining about their 9–5 jobs or their relationship issues.

The answer lies in the problem itself and the reason for all the mishappenings in our lives is that we are using the law of attraction in the wrong manner, and the fact is more than 90% of people unknowingly use the law of attraction against themselves. Only the remaining ones like Bill Gates, Elon Musk use it diligently

Before talking about the root cause of problems, let's discuss some common scenarios which must be very relatable:

  1. Have you ever prayed not to get a strict examiner during your viva but ended up getting a barbarous evaluator?
  2. Have you ever prayed not to get stuck in traffic to reach your office timely but ended up reaching late because of a massive jam?
  3. Have you ever screwed your interviews because of the fear of rejection despite knowing all the answers?

I did all of them and I have an enticing story to share which I believe somewhere or the other you would definitely relate to it.

Interview at my dream company

I got an interview call from Google in February 2019. The screening round went well and they invited me for the onsite interviews with taking care of my travel.

When I reached Bangalore, I saw a chauffeur waiting outside the airport holding a whiteboard with my name written on it. I got mesmerized by the way Google pampers their interview candidates with respect and care. This made me electrified and desperate to join Google.

The next morning I went for the onsite interviews. I was a bit anxious but I remained calm and my first 3 rounds went remarkable. There was a lunch break and only 2 rounds were left and I was on top of the world but suddenly my mind started to play overthinking games by inducing thoughts like:

3 rounds went well, it’s the only opportunity, I want it to happen, I should not let anyone down, I have not prepared few concepts like Huffman coding and graph theory problems if the interviewers ask about these problems then I might lose the opportunity and will get blocked for 1 big year”.

Lunch was over and I went back to the interview room. The fourth interviewer came and had given me a problem related to Huffman coding which I vacuously tried to attempt but failed to propose even a simple solution.

I was terrified and left with no hope for the final round. The last round started and the interviewer asked me the other problem which I was desperately praying not to get asked, a problem related to graph theory.

Those two rounds went horrendous and after the interviews, HR politely said “You may leave for the day Salil, Thank you for coming and you can apply after 1 year”.

The world has come upside down for me after hearing those lines and my dreams got shattered.

Why do we get bad examiners in life?

This happens because at the conscious level we don’t want any problems in our lives and it is obvious that who would want to have troubles in their life but deep down subconsciously we end up thinking about all the negative use cases including what if someone rejects us or what if I get failed.

The subconscious mind is more powerful and alluring than the conscious mind. Therefore, negative and fearful thoughts from the subconscious mind unknowingly attract the bad examiner i.e things that we do not want in our life by using the Law of Attraction against us.

The Law of Attraction is one of the biggest mysteries of the Universe. If you focus on the good and positive things in your life, you will abundantly attract great things into your life. Similarly, if you focus on lack, negativity, and fear then you are more likely to attract more problems and ructions in your life.

Expedition to positive thinking

In 2011 during my high school days, I had a dream to study in one of the best colleges in India. My imagination included a lavish campus with greenery, modern infrastructure, and all the luxurious amenities one could think of.

Though IIT was never my cup of tea or the other way round. While researching about top colleges in India, one prospectus caught my attention because I felt that the thoughts which I have manifested in my dreams will get gratified if I get admission to this college. This college has everything, be it infrastructure or a multi-storied library or 100% placement records. The college is VIT University.

I immediately decided to apply for VIT University and imagined myself cracking the entrance exam and fulfilling my dreams. I gave the entrance exam competing along with lakhs of other aspirants. The exam went well and I expected a decent rank. The selection criteria for qualifying was to get a rank under 18000.

Butterflies everywhere

On the day of the result or the doom’s day, the butterflies started terrorizing my stomach and I went to a cyber cafe to check my rank. After entering my registration number with a bit of nervousness, a red color text popped up on the screen displaying:

Salil Your rank is 18604 and you are not qualified. Thanks for applying

My face got turned into a wet weekend and I started feeling the existential crisis in my life. I thought that I will have to join MIT, not the Massachusetts Institute of Technology one but the Meerut institute of technology.

People started consoling me by throwing lines like, “you gave your best, this is not the end of life, many other engineering colleges are there, etc, etc” but deep down after being so close to the 18000 rank mark, I was not able to believe the fact that I didn’t get selected and was naively expecting some magic to happen.

A Twist in the tale

The next day I got an email from the Manipal institute of technology which is also one of the renowned engineering colleges of India. They invited me to the college for counseling as I qualified Manipal Institute’s selection criteria. It was a sigh of relief for me but I was still not convinced as only VIT was there in my mind. Therefore, I unenthusiastically went to Manipal for counseling and got computer science there. My father and I did the basic admission formalities and returned to my hometown.

A month passed and only 7 days were left for the commencement of my college life at Manipal. Everyone around me was excited except me because I was only thinking about VIT University. The shopping was completed, bags were packed, train tickets were booked and only 2 days were left.

A Ray of hope

I got a call from an unknown landline number. I picked up the call and the person said “Mr. Salil, we have added your name to the extended counseling list, please attend the counseling after 2 days and we will send you a formal invitation over mail.”

And Yes that call was from “VIT University”. After that the wet weekend turned into a spectrum of the rainbow, my face turned pink from pale yellow. I immediately called my family and informed them about this phenomenal news. Everyone was happy but my father gave a logical input that I already have a confirmed admission in Manipal and there was no guarantee that I will get my favorite branch in VIT.

The released dopamine did not allow me to listen to my father and made me more curious to cancel the Manipal’s ticket bookings.

Dreams do come true only if you wish

I finally reached VIT on 4th July 2011, and yes the campus looked more beautiful than my imagination. World-class infrastructure surrounded by an astonishing lake, greenery, and a railway track inside the campus separating the hostels and college buildings. It gave me a sense of belongingness and I fearlessly went ahead for counseling. To my amazement, I was on cloud 9 after the counseling session as I got exactly what I dreamt of.

I dreamed of studying Information Technology at VIT University, I imagined it, I lived the college life in my dreams, and even after not clearing the entrance exam cut-off I still believed and hoped for some miracle to happen.

Yes, the Universe accepted my request and returned me the best gift of my life. This phenomenon is none other than the Law of Attraction.

“Kisi cheez ko shiddat se chaaho toh poori kainaat usay tumse milane ki koshish me lag jaati he”

If you really desire something from the heart then the whole universe will work towards getting you that.

What’s Next?

There are many more topics to be explained and stories to be told, follow me and keep an eye on this place. In the next few posts I will be writing in detail about the following topics:

  • Learn the basic structure of a speech.
  • The road towards non-neediness.
  • Learn about Compound and Isolation Exercises.

Please share your thoughts about this article in the comment section or share it on Twitter and don’t forget to follow me on Medium.

Thanks for reading 😊 Cheers, keep learning and sharing 😊.

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