I was born on 14th August 1947 near Amritsar, India during the imperative time of highly anticipated independence of India, where some antagonists and dreadful leaders created havoc by declaring the immediate separation of India and Pakistan.

My childhood was not a cakewalk, as instead of playing and enjoying my life I had spent my childhood days by seeing families turning into refugees, people becoming bloodthirsty on religious grounds, and complete devastation of humanity because of the partition.

I grew up spending a whale of a time with our soldiers. It's always been an honor to see their allegiance and devotion for our motherland. I have observed their excitement and joyfulness after receiving letters from their loved ones. And, I have also seen the smudged ink on those letters with their pearly tears. Along with that, I am fortunate enough to observe their hidden talent. Many of them used to spread colors of joy through their art on me. I have also witnessed them reciting their heartfelt poetry imagining me as their beloved. I have always been there as a shoulder to cry on, while they miss their families.

Nature was also in love with me and I was blessed with a plethora of friends like crows, pigeons, and cuckoos. My love for my best friend Cuckoo is no less than the story of Romeo and Juliet, as it regularly elates my ears with its melodious voice.

The immense respect and love that is given to me are extremely profound. I always get timely care where my country people paint me with a surfeit of colors during cultural festivals. I am definitely blessed to be built in a country like India.

Despite all the colors being a symbol of joy, there is one color that I hate the most. The color that turns the entire country into a mournful dread. This is the time when some countries become ruthless and destroy everything to prove their superiority. It's the time where soldiers fight tooth and nail to save the honor of their country. As a wall, I always stand first to protect my fellow soldiers and country people by widening up my arms and facing uncountable bullets and swallowing all the cannons fired by the enemies. Sometimes I also get injured by the mammoth attacks and notice my country's soldiers getting killed and wounded by the enemies. Irrespective of religion or country, I believe every life is important and in order to save that I provide shelter to everyone by getting myself painted in the color of blood red.

This is the reason for my hatred towards red color. But thankfully these times are like a cat nap and don't last long. Sun shines again, wounds get healed up and my bruises are cemented with new bricks, thus making me stronger and finally sprinkling me with the color of tranquil white.

Who says walls cannot talk? I have millions of untold emotions within me. I want to burst out with laughter and bliss when people pour colors on me to celebrate festivities. I also want to shout, cry aloud and warn my soldiers when I see someone attacking. Immense honor and respect are drilled down inside me like layers of cement. I would be standing upright strong for my beloved birds and nation so that no one could ever think of harming them.

What’s Next?

There are many more topics we need to discuss in detail, follow me and keep an eye on this place. In the next few posts I will be writing in detail about the following topics:

  • Creatine, Yes or No?
  • Are you consuming fruits in a correct manner?
  • Learn about compound exercises.

Thanks for reading 😊 Cheers, keep learning and sharing 😊.

Software Developer at Microsoft

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