Being a Devil’s Advocate?

After beginning my career with Snapdeal in 2015, I was introduced to the fancy term “ME Time” by one of my coworkers, Aryan. He was a huge proponent of ME time, and his everyday routine included a cup of coffee from Barista, along with books and a diary.

I being a newly graduated carefree person who has just recently begun collecting monthly salary checks, was always enticed towards hanging out with friends, eating extravagant meals, and getting myself always occupied with one thing or another.

I used to feel pity for Aryan after seeing his lifestyle and wonder how such…

Just imagine one day you get up in your cozy bed and you see a shining bright light glowing from your windowpane. You notice a beautiful angel standing just beside you with a magic wand in her hand and asks, “what do you want my child?

Your wish could be a Euro Trip, 100 Million Dollars, or a dream job at Google and the Angel says:

Your wish is my command

Who is that angel?

Ever felt an angel’s breath in the soft breeze? A teardrop in the falling rain? Hear a whisper amongst the rustle of leaves? Wondering what it would be? An…


In our previous post, we covered the basic system design of a proximity server like Yelp with some of its core functional and non-functional requirements, APIs, and low-level design. We also discussed the approach of using a 2D grid for dividing the entire world map into small squares.

2D Grid Approach

Considering the area of the earth is 500 Million square km, and having a fixed search radius is 10km. We will have 500M/10 = 50 Million squares with a fixed grid size of 10km.

This approach had a complex problem of managing popular places like Dam Square(Amsterdam) or Las Vegas(USA) and can…

What are Proximity Servers?

Proximity servers are applications like NearBy or Yelp which are helpful in discovering attractions like restaurants, theaters, temples, or recreational places that are adjacent to your location.

Functional Requirements

  1. Search functionality is the core of a proximity server. Users should be able to search all the proximate places within a given radius for any location (latitude and longitude).
  2. Users can add new places or edit the old ones with the basic details like images, brief description, etc.
  3. Users can give ratings(1 to 5 stars) and reviews(text and images) to places.

Non-Functional Requirements

  1. The system should be highly available with real-time search experience and minimum…

I was born on 14th August 1947 near Amritsar, India during the imperative time of highly anticipated independence of India, where some antagonists and dreadful leaders created havoc by declaring the immediate separation of India and Pakistan.

My childhood was not a cakewalk, as instead of playing and enjoying my life I had spent my childhood days by seeing families turning into refugees, people becoming bloodthirsty on religious grounds, and complete devastation of humanity because of the partition.

I grew up spending a whale of a time with our soldiers. It's always been an honor to see their allegiance and…

P stands for Production and PC stands for Production capability. This rule states that true effectiveness and productivity comes from the balance between production and production capability.

Let’s understand this with the help of a famous fable which most of us must have heard of in our nursery classes about a story of a farmer who had a very unique and intriguing goose.

Each day the goose laid a glittering golden egg which the farmer sold and became rich. This made him greedy and he decided to slaughter the goose to take all the golden eggs at once but there…

How much impact does 1 percent have on anybody?

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The power of 1 percent is a golden rule which definitely goes along with this famous proverb. Let’s understand this through the example of the British cycling team

In the last 110 years, the British cycling team did not win a single competition. British rider’s performance was so underwhelming that many top cycle brands from Europe refused to sell their products to them. …

Understand how Node.js works under the hood

Why Should We Use Clustering in Node.js?

Node.js applications run on a single processor, which means that by default they don’t take advantage of a multiple-core system. If you have a 4-core CPU and you run a Node.js application normally, then it’ll get executed on one core and the other three cores will remain unused.

Let’s discuss a basic scalability problem with a simple Node.js application.

Human body is made up of 60–70% of water. Water is imperative for functioning of cells and organs in human body, Water acts as a lubricant for joints, regulates body temperature through sweating and respiration, and helps to flush waste. We lose around 2–3 litres of water every day through sweating, breathing, urine and bowel movements. These functions are vital for body’s survival, thus we need to compensate the lost water by hydrating ourselves in order to make our body function properly.

How much water is daily needed?

There is no accurate answer to this question as daily water requirement may differ for different individuals because…

Have you ever been to gym and got wondered by seeing people drinking colourful multi colour flavoured drinks in their shakers.

Below are some misconceptions that people (mainly rookies) have fo`r BCCAs.

  1. BCAAs are like glucose drink, instead of spending this much amount on BCAA supplements let’s buy a cheap glucose powder.
  2. BCAAs helps in increasing stamina, if you’re lifting x pounds of weight after consuming BCAAs you will be able to lift 2x pounds of weight.
  3. BCAAs are useless and they don’t have any impact, brands are creating and publicising these fancy coloured drinks by getting them advertised by…

Salil Arora

Software Developer at Microsoft

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